WordPress Case Studies

If you'd like to tour a save-disabled demo of a WordPress admin backend I've authored, please contact me for access credentials.


Nino Muñoz Photography

This responsive site for a notorious fashion / entertainment photographer may look simple, but there's lots of innovation under the hood. Client has a sharply discriminating eye, which means nothing but the best image quality is acceptable, particularly in the popup carousel slides.

This completely-custom WordPress theme is built on an original Backbone.js infrastructure, with some Twitter Bootstrap convenience. To achieve the highest image quality, I use ImageMagick instead of PHP's default GD library, creating a number of resized versions of the original. Then, the appropriate version is chosen based on the browser window size (then fetched via Backbone) so slides never appear at anything but their native sizes.

View a staged version of this site.

Another innovation: a drag & drop editor so client can easily manage each (Masonry) grid page, in all responsive configurations.

View a save-disabled version of the drag & drop editor.



Currently Alexa-ranked in the top 1,500 in the U.S., this popular blog features articles, podcasts and video podcasts by some of today's most popular comedians and pop culture commentators. Not only did I create an original theme infrastructure that was smooth-running and easy to publish, but I also migrated tens of thousands of previous posts into the new data structure. Other members of a (terrific) development team coded the CSS / responsive layouts.

Kelly Cutrone*

A blog for popular TV personality / bestselling author Kelly Cutrone. Kelly and her staff were eager not only to express Kelly-isms frequently and fluidly, but to shuffle categories and channels often (and of course promote appearances and books!). All well within WordPress' wheelhouse, no special innovation needed, but certain features were just unique enough to require an original theme.

Promotional Sites

Mastercard Startpath

A microsite for promoting a business booster program. Applicants were invited to fill out a multipage form, saving progress and returning if needed. Security was a premium concern for this job, so I implemented many secure measures, including serving the form from a database and location separate from the informational WordPress theme.

This original theme featured a vertical scroller; as with all vertical scrollers I provided ways to author each section individually using familiar WP tools, and a scroller taxonomy to string them together into one long page. And beyond client's expectations, I made sure all pieces were updatable, including header images and graphics which some devs would consider "fixed."

View a staged version of this site.

Tales of Masked Men*

The producer/director of this awesome documentary about Lucha Libre needed a site to promote its TV airings and theatrical showings, plus sell merchandise. To save time and money, I designed the graphics and modified a pre-purchased theme (this is the only case study I didn't build from scratch), with some custom code modifications. I helped him capitalize on social media so his Facebook presence grew some 5,000%, and it continues to be a thriving place for Lucha Libre fans.


Rika International

Website, blog and WooCommerce store ("E-Boutique") for this popular European fashion designer. I'm greatly impressed by WooCommerce for its comprehensive features, balanced by remarkable expandability for developers and ease of use for end users. A lot of subtle innovations went into this original theme, such as a simple drag & drop interface for managing slideshows, galleries, and lookbooks. One of my favorite little touches is a color/fabric swatch picker for the online store, which I outfitted with an intuitive color picker / image uploader in the admin backend.

GoVida Foods

This site, which helped launch a line of healthy freeze-dried fruit snacks, featured many vertical scrollers, WooCommerce store, blog, and content pages. Plus delightful innovations, for instance, grids of user-submitted photos in different sizes, populated by a unique admin panel.

One unique feature of this store was a customized inventory-control system. I created a special API for the fulfillers' system engineers so hourly processes could update order statuses and stock quantities in the WooCommerce database.

Stafford's Chocolates

This site was my first introduction to WooCommerce, and I quickly learned to love it! A constantly-changing product offering, each having multiple feature options and pricing variables. Client had migrated from a cumbersome Yahoo E-commerce interface, so they were thrilled with the intuitive yet comprehensive store management I put in place. A simple drag & drop slideshow interface included an easy "Create From Product" button: any store product could instantly be turned into a slide using its featured image, description, and other info.

Paris Photographix

Fine photography site that sells beautiful prints of Paris scenes via PhotoShelter; non-commerce pages are WordPress-driven. The challenge here was to maintain consistent look and content across every page — particularly challenging because PhotoShelter doesn't permit server-side scripting in its user accounts.

My solution was to script AJAX calls between the two sites: WordPress defines the main menus, header & footer; PhotoShelter provides the lists of galleries. So the client can freely manage the appropriate content in both places, and all areas stay updated accordingly. Plus, each slide in the homepage slideshow (WP-side) links directly to its purchase page on Photoshelter.


An e-commerce site for a cool, high-end fashion designer, including blog and other content pages. Shopify may be easier for non-coders to learn, but it's very limiting for developers; its only scripting capabilities are a crude proprietary ruleset. I stretched Shopify to its limits to give all pages a consistent look and feel.

Entertainment Industry


Site for prolific music production company who provide the music for many TV shows and films. With a vertical scroller and 'sticky' nav bar, it was great fun incorporating different kinds of media players into the layout. Admin backend had lots of convenient features like drag & drop sorters, easy Vimeo importer, and more.

J.P. Manoux*

Distinctive site for this well-known character actor, who happens to love silent movies. The site's look mimics old, worn film frames; one cool feature is the Twitter feed showing recent tweets as if they were silent film title cards.

Using YouTube and Vimeo APIs, I made it very easy to import video clips retaining titles, descriptions and metadata. And, all uploaded images and imported video poster frames are (optionally) converted to dusty sepia monotone with grimy edges, to keep the look consistent everywhere.

Damien Fahey

Website and blog for a rising comedy star. Damien is a prolific writer, so it was important to enable him to express himself through many channels – articles, videos, tweets, e-cards, and more. I created several different post types with meaningful metaboxes and intuitive ways to import and populate them.

Prehistoric Digital*

Website for a growing film post-production company. I had lots of fun working closely with the client to invent unique features for this original theme. For example, a news feed displaying a distinct timeline that was both humorously appropriate for the brand, and a nod to what was then a new Facebook feature.

Carola Gonzalez

Website and blog for a noted makeup artist. One distinction of this original theme: the informational / portfolio pages have a layout, look and feel that's completely different from the blog; both are populated by the same WordPress admin backend.


Adamas Fine Jewelry

Website, product showcase and blog for a jewelry retailer. Admin backend for this original theme features many intuitive interfaces such as drag & drop slideshows, custom post types for managing quotes and asides, and more.

BlindTek Designer Systems

One of my first original WordPress themes, this product showcase website was very easy to manage. Admin assigns a featured image and category to every blog post, and automated scripting displays it within a clean architectural layout.


Ani & Ari Corsets

Whenever you see a corset in TV, film, or music video, there's a good chance it's an Ani & Ari corset. This website / product showcase / blog is driven by an original theme that's intuitive and easy to manage.

Vantage Point Medical

This British medical training company's website manages to pack a surprising amount of content within a clean, uncluttered layout. You can see there's a strong reliance on a distinct color palette, so this original theme's admin backend employs color pickers which default to predefined colors. Also, many intuitive features for defining rollovers, multiple content types, and PayPal submission.